jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries hasbeen implemented in other countries throughout the twentieth century, mainlyon the lovers, boyfriends or husbands express their love and affection each other. Held on 14 febrero.n some countries known as Valentine's Day and others like the Day of Love and Friendship
La Chinita Fair

La Feria de La Chinita is the name of a festival of religious origin whichtakes place every year for three days, from 17 to 19 November in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo and spreads to other parts of Zulia State. Inthis celebration commemorates the miracle of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá,note 1, which is the patron of Zulia state, whose celebration is observed bythe Holy Catholic Church every November 18.
a tradition relates that, on the shores of Lake Maracaibo appeared a little board that he found an old woman who took her home. Trancurridos fewdays, November 18, 1709, the old woman heard several knocks on the wall of his home on which hung the small table. At first ignored these blows, butas they were becoming more insistent, he decided to approach the placefrom which came the shock and realized that on the surface of the tablet hadappeared the image of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá and she sprang frombright light. Given this phenomenon, the old woman went out and startedshouting: "Miracle, miracle" .1
The woman told the story to the locals, who began to worship is dedicated to the Virgin. Subsequently, it was decided to build the monument to the Virginin the exact place where it was this woman's house, located opposite the Basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá.

mi cumple años

mi cumple años es de mucha emocion
desde que me levanto por la mañana todos me tratan como una princesa y me complacen en todo. paso el dia en la peluqueria, recivo muchos regalos, flores y siempre espero el de mi novio q me sorprenda con un detalle de amor. siempre almuerzo en familia y dedico el dia para ellos, en la noche se reunen todos amigos, familia y mi novio.
cantamos mi cumple años y luego salimos a festejar en una disco teca.

my friends:

my friends:
beginning they are very important to me
We are together for many years, we have the same dreams and goals we study the same race with them eh shared many stages in my life are alwaysthere when I need to take my joy and tell me everything will be fine.
one that is best of all it is called marielsa me is a beautiful person with it I have more crazy memories of my childhood.
my other friend called irina she know her from long ago and we like to becompetitive carecterizamos exelentes mui studies

poem for my mom

my mother is a beautiful person.
not compared with anyone I love. his personality is very strong
Pelias too but in the end only is she a great mother who always supportedand will be with me for me is the best mom in the world and I always bring happiness you deserve.

Hi welcome to my blog

My name is Rosandi torres. My birthday on February 6th, I have 18 years old and Study graphic design.
I love: sleeping, talking on the phone, pictures, music, shopping.
My daily routine is to go to college, then go to the gym. I arrive home with your family eat comment on our day. After waking sleep I walk for two hours. Culminating the evening came I shower and my job is doing homework.
MORE ABOUT ME: I have strong character, I get cranky quickly, though I have dream hunger or heat. My family consists of my parents and my two brothers, I have three beautiful nieces, my boyfriend and my friends that I love to go out much.
one of my dreams: to travel around the world.
goals: graduate porpio have my business. be like my dad a great trader.